Libby W. Cowgill

Associate Professor of Anthropology


My lifelong love of weightlifting and fitness has led to me getting my Level 2 CrossFit certification.  I coach two classes a week at CrossFit Fringe, and can often be found lifting heavy object there and engaging in other stupid human tricks.  Here's my CrossFit Fringe coaching page, where you can find a brief history of some of my athletic endeavors.  
To be honest, this move is easier when your limbs are only a foot long.
Vitality member, Pete, cycling away!

Art and Illustration

My favorite class to teach is our Vitality class, which is for master's athletes.  My Vitality athletes are an endless inspiration to me to continue to pursuit of fitness throughout my life and the incredible quality of life that can be maintained as you age if care is taken to stay active.  They are a tight knit crew that makes me laugh every time I coach them.
I enjoy drawing in both pencil and ink and have started to dabble in painting in oils, although I'm not terrific at it, and like all of us, wish I had more time.  I gravitate toward portraits of humans, but have done some of my own scientific illustrations for a few of my own publications and for an upcoming volume I am editing with Scott Maddux.


I also knit a mean sweater.
Teal puff sleeve sweater in MadTosh Vintage.

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